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A customized mobile app for your wash

By-pass expensive payment technology upgrades for swipe and chip cards – Your customized UWashApp delivers all forms of payment: Mobile payments are preferred by an overwhelming percentage of car wash customers!

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Easy-to-use payment meets fun

Business & Fleet Accounts

Fleet programs build business! Fleet owners can keep the fleet clean, maintain wash costs easily through the app — and you get loads of wash business from one dependable customer. Efficient!


Create membership programs that work for YOU. Go unlimited, or set monthly limits to your programs. Either way, gain consistent monthly income through memberships!

Wash Packages

Give your customers the option to choose wash packages on your Automatics, Self Serves, and Pet Washes! Budget your costs and wash whenever you like.

Umbrella Policy

Give your customers extra weather protection with our Umbrella protection program. If it rains or snows, customers can get a quick basic rewash for an extra few dollars.

Invite A Friend

The best way to get the word out about your business is….your customers! Nothing builds business like customer referrals. With UWashApp, you can reward customers for inviting their friends to your wash.

Star Rewards

Reward your customers when they use the app and keep washing at your wash. Award stars for each service purchased, and once your customer has earned 10 stars, they earn a free wash!

Why not have your own custom mobile app?

Meet your customers right where they are at – on their phones. Build loyalty while giving your customers an excellent experience.

Create custom membership programs

Use unlimited washes, unlimited vacs,
turn-key fleet, commercial and business account programs – all to make your wash more valuable and keep customers coming back.

Jim Aldrich
Conejo Car Wash
I had 278 new app customers – 273 came back for their second wash – in just 60 days…and all I did was put up the signs WashCard provided!

Write off the cost on your taxes

Get a Section 179 tax-saving deduction when you purchase UWashApp. Software costs can be deducted. You can launch UWashApp at your wash and deduct the expenses on your 2022 taxes. Any investment you make now will be smart – no matter how big or small.

Invest in your car wash now and get the tax deductions

Why do I need an app?

Showing up on your customer’s mobile phone everyday is invaluable. With your own customized mobile app – UWashApp – you can increase visibility, create incentives, and build loyalty with your customers.

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Don’t miss the bundle

Buy Tap. Get the app – FREE!

Purchase the tap-to-pay hardware and as part of our Tap&App Loyalty Bundle you get a FREE custom mobile app. With Tap-to-pay AND the UWash App you take all payments: Apple, Google, and cards. Get everything you need for your car wash.

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Brian Croft
Classic Auto Wash
I upsell to the $14.00 wash to award a rain check and free vacuum – I would not be able to do this without the UWashApp

Upgrade WashCard Equipment

Tap-to-Pay upgrades for your WashCard equipment are uncomplicated and straightforward. By replacing the door – you keep the same box – and a few other steps you can get the latest payment technology.

Upgrade WashPay Equipment

Do you operate a WashPay system? Upgrade to Tap-to-Pay by replacing the door on your current box. We’ve made this plug in really straightforward. Plus, you get the feature–rich, customizable UWashApp Free!

Brian Croft
Classic Auto Wash
I can be on vacation or fishing and can turn on the wash for a customer that was having issues at the wash. Cleanest fix to get refunds to customers.

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