Give your business an UBER LYFT

Independent, self-service car washes offer these drivers around the clock convenience they need!

There are over 1.7 million ride share drivers in the U.S., split primarily between two providers, Uber and Lyft. Uber has roughly 1 million drivers, Lyft claims 700,000. For Uber, the company has seen a steady increase in drivers since the app’s conception.

It’s important to note that two-thirds of all drivers work for both Uber and Lyft, and that urban areas are the most popular for Uber and Lyft services. But don’t count them out if you are in a smaller market – it’s easy to serve these businesses with the B2B programs in UWashApp.

Here’s an interesting number: 7Park Data found that 20-25% of US smartphone users have the Uber app installed. That’s a big number. And in the last quarter of 2022, Lyft reported over 12.5 million active riders – one million per month.

Uber and Lyft drivers work all hours of the day. You can call at 4:00 am to make an early flight from your local airport or pick up a ride after midnight returning from your trip. These drivers are working 24-7. So they need a car wash that is available to them when they need it, at any hour of the day or night. And that makes an independent self-service wash a good fit for them.

Promoting your UWashApp business and fleet programs on your website or Facebook page is good business. You’ll be offer convenience that these drivers usually can’t get from one of the big tunnel washes. You’ll be available when they need you to be.

With almost 2 million cars on the road, needing washes a couple times a week, that’s a lot of business.

Plus, with a good B2B program on an app, you are offering these independent business owners the reporting they need to keep track of wash expenses. That’s handy and makes their lives easier and more profitable.

Independent drivers are a perfect fit for an independent self-service car wash with a mobile app. Take advantage of the opportunity. Contact us today at 651-661-9710.

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