Easy Changes = Big Returns

Now is the time to make some easy changes and get big returns.

WOW! Look at that weather map. Things are definitely starting to turn this week. Oh sure, winter’s not over and spring storms can be brutal, but, it’s time to get ready for better weather and more business.

One of the mistakes it is easy to make is to think the time for adding new services and equipment is over since the weather is getting nice and all you can think about is the loss of business from downtime. 

If you are jack-hammering concrete and doing major remodel kind of stuff that can be a consideration – but adding a payment app to your operation can take as little as some onboarding time and  a half-day installation at your location. 

Well worth the effort! Why?

Customers want Touch-Free Payment Systems
Consumer banking and how they purchase products at retail will never be the same. There is more and more data available that more and more consumers don’t want to handle credit cards in the current environment.

Customers also don’t want to handle wads of cash and coins that have been touched by hundreds of strangers swipe a credit card through a device touched by others. Plus 30% of desirable demographics prefer to pay with an app using a cell phone.

Fleet operators prefer to manage payments with a mobile app
Business owners like a mobile app because they can set up an account with you and add their employees to “keep the fleet clean”. They can manage their own account, with no additional work on your end. You stay out of their way! And, when you add services through an app like “Count Up” your customers wash until THEY think they are done. Count Up is proven to help your customers wash cleaner – and spend more.

Rain check programs can return over 90% profit

And guess what; when it comes to weather, rainy, messy weather can be one of your biggest profit-makers.In a recent data scan of users of our mobile app, UWashApp, the facts are that only 2% of these “insurance policies” have been redeemed. 

Rain Check Programs are a great guest convenience for your customers who really want them, and they contribute to your operations cash flow, since your customer pays for the wash in advance. And, based on our numbers, like any insurance policy, there are a lot of premiums that are never paid out in washes — and that helps build your operating profits

This IS the time of year when things should start taking off in our businesses. We can make it an even better time with some fast, smart decision making right now.

It’s not complicated. With UWashApp you are literally running a couple of wires to your timers, send us your logo, put up your custom signs or decals and BAM you are now offering a loyalty program. Put the equipment in on one rainy day and you will benefit the rest of the year. This is a program that will get customers coming back 6 to 8 times this year – far above the average.

Invest now! You will be glad you did.

The link to the weather service map is here: https://www.weather.gov/forecastmaps