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Why WashCard?

New Posibilities: Outfit your existing equipment with readers and provide customers new payment options

Build Your Market: Increase customer retention using our unique marketing tools

Consolidate: Connect multiple locations and hardware under one system

Unchained: Access Cloud based Management center from the office, home or on the go.

Unique Software Tools:

Spending Rewards -
Reward your customers for choosing the best! When a customer buys your top wash package, give them a free vacuum or other service. Separate credit card and loyalty card settings.


Remotely Activate any Service -
When customers call at all hours for refund, don't mail a check, simply activate another machine for them with any web enabled device.

TEST_Carwash 2.png

Price Specials -
Set up special pricing options for slow times during the week to encourage customers to switch when they stop in.


Autopay -
Take advantage of the huge fleet business market without chasing customers for payment. Securely store customer credit card data and automatically charge them daily, weekly or monthly for usage.

Featured Products:

aiONE Wireless Reader Perfect solution for services like vacuum islands that are too far to run wire and avoid having to ground them or run conduit across the property

Crossover Kiosk Wirelessly connect your bank of washers and dryers to a Crossover Kiosk that can take cards and activate the selected machines.

Washpass RFID Reader Perfect for unlimited wash programs and fleet services.  Operators can use stickers, cards or hanging tags to identify customers.

Laundry Reader Perfect for high performing stores that need transactions processed quickly.  Customers can slide card at the Washer or Dryer and select their load options.

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Connect with us on our Facebook Page!

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Connect with us on our LinkedIn Page! 

Over 1 million active cards: