THE #1 Way to Build Loyalty – UWashApp

More customers, more often, spending more.

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Business & Fleet Accounts

Fleet programs build business! Fleet owners can keep the fleet clean, maintain wash costs easily through the app -- and you get loads of wash business from one dependable customer. Efficient!


Create membership programs that work for YOU. Go unlimited, or set monthly limits to your programs. Either way, gain consistent monthly income through memberships!

Wash Packages

Give your customers the option to choose wash packages on your Automatics, Self Serves, and Pet Washes! Budget your costs and wash whenever you like.

Umbrella Policy

Give your customers extra weather protection with our Umbrella protection program. If it rains or snows, customers can get a quick basic rewash for an extra few dollars.

Invite A Friend

The best way to get the word out about your business is....your customers! Nothing builds business like customer referrals. With UWashApp, you can reward customers for inviting their friends to your wash.

Star Rewards

Reward your customers when they use the app and keep washing at your wash. Award stars for each service purchased, and once your customer has earned 10 stars, they earn a free wash!