Frequently Asked Questions

Car Washes Can Be Complicated.

And more than anything, we would love to talk with you over the phone or through email about specific questions and how we can best fit the needs of your operations. But, until then, here are some frequently asked questions we hear from operators considering new payment equipment for their car washes.

Can you work with the equipment I already have?

We can integrate with pretty much anything including but not limited to:


  • DRB – XBT & SiteWatch
  • Hamilton – Gold Line, ACW &
  • HTK
  • Unitec – WashSelect II, Portal,
  • Sentinal, C-Start
  • American Changer – AC8001
  • Ryko – AMTT, AMTTCS &
  • EnterAct
  • PDQ – Access
  • Egenuity


  • Carolina Pride
  • National Pride
  • Etowah Valley
  • GinSan
  • Dilling Harris
  • MagiKist
  • Dixmor Timers
  • IDX Timers
  • Coleman Hanna
  • Ryko

Don’t see your equipment? Give us a call and we can find a solution for you!

Do you provide the hardware and software for unattended stations?

Yes. We have a full software suite to help you in your business as well as hardware which can be standalone or integrated into your current systems.

Do You Have Fees?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is that we have an annual support fee which is designated not only to provide the support of your system, should it ever have issues, but also to upgrade our software continuously. Without our fees, our software would never be upgraded to what it is today. We are constantly upgrading, updating, and researching how to make our software work best for each and every business we work with.

Do you have a credit card processor you work with, or can I choose my own?

Both! Whether you have your own processor you want to work with or want to go through ours, we have you covered. Setting up your processor is simple and gives you the freedom not only to choose who you want to use but also to combine it with other business ventures you may have.

Are You PCI Compliant

Absolutely! In fact, we are VALIDATED.

Take a look for yourself here.

Do You Offer An Unlimited Wash Option?

Our software allows you to do unlimited wash programs with cards or our RFID system. This option allows you to set up monthly payment options for membership clubs for consumer and business use.

Can I tie all of my locations together?

Yes! We can tie all of your locations, even if they all have different hardware, together in one place.

How much does your system cost?

That depends on what you are looking to do. Our customers have custom-made solutions to fit the needs of their businesses. While we don’t pride ourselves on being the cheapest option on the market, we do pride ourselves on having the highest quality option. Check out this page for investment options or give us a call or email us, and we’ll be happy to start you out with a quote for your business needs.

I need marketing help. Do you do that?

Yes, in fact, we do! We can help you with pretty much any of your marketing needs. From what you should post on your social media channels to creating beautiful physical marketing pieces to pass around to your local businesses and individual customers. Check out more here.

Where does WashCard work?

We have systems in operation in the United States, Canada and Australia. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your options in other regions.


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