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Sep 30, 2022

Whether The Weather

Whether The Weather

What do farmers and car wash operators have in common? 

They are weather watchers. And of course, weather is a key indicator for your car wash business. And, perhaps you know how your customers respond to weather patterns. If it's raining, snowing, or the sun is shining, your business will be impacted one way or the other. It’s the big variable a lot of car wash operators love to hate. Weather can make running a car wash efficiently difficult; always the question, “How will customers respond.” 

This summer was relatively dry, and so is this fall. Right now, leaves are falling and there’s a lot of dust flying, and consumers are more in need of a car wash. As mentioned in a previous blog, traffic patterns change dramatically in September. “People were turning left, and now they're turning right.” That means right now is an important time to become the preferred car wash, as new traffic patterns are being established and consumers are washing more often.

That’s not all. October is predicted to have snow flying in some regions of the US. 
Is your car wash ready for those transitions and ready to handle the load? 

Winter Is Coming...

According to the Farmer's Almanac, Grab Your Gloves! Fetch Your Fleece! Winter is going to be a season of flip-flop conditions with notable polar coaster swings in temperatures! 

And you know what that can mean for your car wash? Grab your gear! Fetch your foams! With big weather swings, there tends to be a lot more people at the car wash. Between worries about the look and effect of salt and chemicals on a car, or just wanting to wash the slush off, your customers are looking for a great wash with all of the options they need. Especially on relatively warmer “weather-swing” days. 

Future Proofing

Weather plays a huge role in how car wash customers behave. But so do the capabilities of your wash. Do you provide everything a wash customer needs – and prefers. Not only do the features you offer matter, but so do your payment options. Consumers want contactless options. The facts are that 8 out of 10 consumers are using contactless payments for some part of their purchases. So, it's a big consideration for you and your business as you head into busier seasons. 

For washing, and for consumers in general; Summer is over. Fall has begun. And once again, winter is coming.