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Sep 30, 2022

What's In Car Wash Memberships?

What's In Car Wash Memberships?

Car wash memberships have been fueling the industry over the last several years. Largely, unlimited car wash membership programs. But what’s in it for the operator? Are there benefits to unlimited? Or should there be other ways to provide “membership” without what some may consider drawbacks of an unlimited program? And can we deliver other membership benefits hi-tech world we live in today? Let’s face it, punch cards and stamp cards are out.

Let’s talk about “What is a Member”? 

A member is defined as “a person, animal, or plant belonging to a particular group.” Or as “a constituent piece of a complex structure”. In this case, the complex structure being your business, your car wash. Whether you have a small operation or a large one, the more persons, or constituents, you have to support your structure, the better.

One of the biggest questions we ask our customers is this…what do you need more of? Do you need more customers coming through the door? Do you need more cash in your pocket? Or do you need to keep up with you competition? What is the issue with your business right now that keeps you up at night? And what type of car wash membership program can solve that for you?

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A Different Way to do Car Wash Memberships.

Unlimited car wash membership programs are relatively new to the market. However, they’re nothing new to consumers in today’s market. Think of all the monthly membership programs you purchase. Whether it’s streaming TV, shaving clubs, pet food, or meal kits. They all come with a price. But you also have the options of choosing what suits you best.

When it comes to a car wash, your customers should have the same options. Whether they are able to pay with cash, card, tap, or app, we are living in a time where being accessible to all of our potential customers is crucial. Carpenters don’t only carry around a hammer. They have a lot of tools that fit the job they need to do. Car wash membership programs are very similar.

What’s Right For Your Business?

With car wash memberships, not only is it important for you to think about different membership formats for your business, but for your customers as well. It may not make sense for your business to do an unlimited program. Maybe you already have enough customers, but want to retain regular revenues on a monthly basis with a flexible, yet monthly paid membership program. Or, perhaps an unlimited program makes sense in order to keep up with your competition down the road. Perhaps you need a hybrid program to meet the needs of all of your customers.

Membership success comes when you can create need and value for the customer. Reaping the rewards of the program means not only do you need customers to buy in, but the owner and employees also need to be “all in” as well.

Next Steps…


Find the companies and solutions that help address the needs you are looking to fill. Ask all the questions you can. Understanding how a membership program provider can help serve all of your needs when it comes to memberships and payments in the car wash industry is critical to serving you and your customers.

Always keep in mind, you can purchase, install and set up your membership programs, but if you’re not actively promoting your business and programs, gaining success is incredibly difficult. Be prepared to pedal uphill for several months. Most operators who are unsuccessful with membership programs lost out on the opportunity because they were not doing the back end work to make it successful.

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