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Sep 30, 2022

UWashApp 2.0 Release

UWashApp 2.0 Release

CENTERVILLE, Minn. – Dan Yarusso, president of WashCard Systems, today announced upgrades to the company’s mobile car wash app named UWashApp. The app helps car wash owners attract new customers, produce more revenue, and operate more efficiently.

“The UWashApp can activate self-serve washes, in-bay automatic washes, pet washes, vacuums and fragrance, and vending,” said Yarusso. “So UWashApp makes it very convenient for the car wash customer to purchase not just the wash, but all additional services.”

“I can understand why consumers like the app,” said Yarusso. “Fifteen years ago, when consumers were transitioning between cash and card-based payments, the younger demographic immediately made the change based on convenience—no more bank runs to get cash, only to break bills further into a pocket full of quarters. They said, ‘A pocket full of quarters is dumb!’ Those were the new faces you wanted/needed to see at your business. Today’s new faces all use their mobile devices for everything and say, ‘A pocket full of cards is dumb!’”

“Since UWashApp was released, we have received a lot of positive feedback from operators, including suggestions for enhancements, which we have incorporated into V2 of the app,” said Yarusso. “Our plan is to incorporate operator suggestions for enhancements on a regular basis. Be assured, the evolution of payments and loyalty will continue on!” 

Some of the enhancements of UWashApp V2 include the following:

  • Business Accounts: Businesses can have one UWashApp account shared with multiple users. With the UWashApp, the business establishes an account and then can invite employees right from their cell phones. The car wash owner doesn’t have to be involved in tracking washes and fleet cards, because the business owner manages the account—adding or subtracting employees from the app, keeping track of the money spent on washes, downloading and sharing records, etc.
  • “Count Up”: WashCard invented the “count up” concept more than 30 years ago. Rather than having consumers guess up front how long they will need to use the service—$5, $10, or however much, “count up” allows them to start the wash when they are ready, then stop it when they are finished. 
  • Location Awareness: With this new version, the app knows the specific location the user is approaching, and it lists the services available at that location, eliminating steps and making it faster and easier. 
  • In-App Messaging: Operators can set up an in-app messaging system whereby a customer can receive a pop-up message after completing their service. It could be a cross-promotional message—for example, an oil change advertisement or a public service announcement. A car wash operator could provide advertising space in the UWashApp for, say, a landscaping company, in exchange for all of the landscape company’s wash business.

UWashApp continues to offer the following benefits to operators:

  • Multiple ways to reward customers
  • UwashApp customized with your logos, colors and services
  • Provides operators with remote access to reduce site visits
  • Lets marketing mascot Sterling attract new consumers
  • Lets customers bring their own secure payment system with them—their phones
  • Consumers sign up and manage their own account—no operator involvement 
  • Provides accountability for fleet owners
  • Integrates easily with existing credit card systems
  • Provides system support to eliminate downtime and remove tech frustrations

The UWashApp onboarding program includes hardware devices for all services at a site, an onboarding setup call, access to priority support during installation, access to the UWashApp management portal, and resources and training options to help maximize wash packages, loyalty pipelines, and in-app advertising. 

“No matter what the operator’s equipment mix is, UWashApp will work with just about any equipment on the market with a straightforward setup,” said Yarusso.