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Sep 30, 2022

Tap-to-Pay is Here to Stay

Tap-to-Pay is Here to Stay

It's here. Sooner than you think -
Tap-to-Pay is here to stay.

A recent Visa Back to Business Study found that safety influenced how 78% of global consumers pay due to the pandemic.Visa’s research also found that 46% of global consumers think “using contactless payment methods is among the most important safety measures for stores to follow."

That's why tap-to-pay technology makes so much sense for a car wash operation. Consumers are experiencing tap-to-pay ease, speed and safety across all retail platforms. They love it!

The facts are...COVID – 19 changed many things.

The truth is, nobody really knows what a “post-pandemic” world looks like and just where customers’ comfort levels will reside, but it’s probably a pretty safe bet that people are more likely to be more cautious about high touchpoint areas than less – at least in the short term.

So, what’s the key to attracting customers who want to shop but are looking for contactless payment options? Exploring new payment technology and online payment options that can give customers flexibility and peace of mind in their experience. With many normal routines and habits changing during the pandemic, customers are open-minded to finding new ways to support their favorite businesses and this represents a great time to shift your own business practices to adapt to the changing trends.

Your business should be prepared to accept contactless payments. Consumers are the leading force of technology and as small, medium, or large businesses, giving your customers the options the prefer will help you keep them while growing at the same time.

With thousands of stories to tell, HyVee picked this one.

There are many retail operators in the United States that you can admire and pay attention to for cues on what's up with the consumer. HyVee Supermarkets is definitely one of them.

This summer, this message started appearing on both sides of double doors at HyVee store entrances. That should tell you something. Tap-to-Pay is important!

Tap-to-pay technology is 'front door news' for a car wash operation too. Consumers are experiencing tap-to-pay ease, speed and safety across all retail platforms. They love it! Great retailers like HyVee know this. And, even though they have THOUSANDS of things to talk about each week, the ease and convenience - and safety - of Tap-to-Pay is one of the first stories they are telling in the retail experience they are developing.

Options Aplenty

We know there are tons of options out there for operators now. Between credit card readers, tap readers, apps, and more, there's a lot to consider when upgrading your bays and car wash. If you're in need of all of that and more though, WashCard has all the solutions you need. Find out more by giving us a quick call at 651-661-9710.