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Sep 30, 2022

Contact-Free Payment System Update

Contactless payments are emerging as a preferred method of currency payments because of their security, speed, and reliability.

Contact-Free Payment System Update

Security, Speed and Reliability…

Contactless payments are emerging as a preferred method of currency payments because of their security, speed, and reliability. They have gained popularity in recent years due to the privacy concerns they address. Although some no-contact methods are more secure than others, with the costs of handling cash transactions continuing to rise, contactless payments are becoming an increasingly popular choice. 

The most commonly used contactless payments method is the tap-to-pay system. This type of transaction is fast, convenient, and reliable because the transaction cannot be blocked by merchants or financial institutions. Tap-to-pay is ideal for online and point-of-sale transactions, and this popularity is forecasted to increase in the coming years. According to Coherent Market Insights, the global contactless payments market is estimated to account for $26.3 billion in value by the end of 2027.

More Smartphones and High-Speed Internet…

Increasing adoption of digital payment platforms is expected to drive growth of the contactless payments market. With rising penetration of smartphones and high-speed internet, consumers have shifted to digital payments instead of cash – that’s no secret. Digital payments provide a seamless experience to customers and reduce the dependency on cash with the fast transfer, and ease of tracking the transaction. 

Contactless payments are beneficial for both consumers and retailers due to higher payment security, instant payment facility, low risk of theft, and high level of transparency. 

Furthermore, contactless payments witnessed significant growth during the COVID-19 pandemic as people started avoiding human touch to save themselves from infection. The retail sector is at the leading edge of these trends…

The retail sector has emerged as the most prominent provider of contactless payments. This is due to rising implementation of point-of-sale (POS) terminals in the banking, hospitality, and retail industries. Moreover, rising integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) with existing payment solutions has increased the adoption of contactless payments across the retail sector.

Tap-to-Pay appeals to all generations of consumers…

The ease and safety tap-to-pay systems provide consumers are the reasons they have exploded onto the scene, and why the global contactless market will increase in value over the next 5-to-6 years. 

The adoption of tap-to-pay payments across generations suggests widespread, sustainable adoption even after safety concerns subside.