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Sep 30, 2022

Competing Against The Big Guys...

Competing Against The Big Guys...

Independent car wash operators get buying power…

A lot of independent businesses join forces in order to compete in the marketplace. From independent food retailers, hardware stores, and service providers - to independent insurance agencies and realtors. These markets frequently band together to leverage each other in order to better market themselves and compete with their bigger counterparts.

These types of marketing or supply relationships really work. Independent business owners take advantage of better procurement systems, supply chains and marketing. While the relationship WashCard has with independent car wash operators is not as formalized as a voluntary advertising or procurement group...

WashCard systems has been bringing better payment systems, better technology, and lower operating costs to independent car wash operators for over 30 years.

Helping car wash owners compete successfully in the marketplace is one of the fundamental business objectives of the team at WashCard Systems. We combine the buying power of independent car wash operators from around the country to provide better operations, consumer experience, and results! WashCard programs:

  • Reduce your overhead
    WashCard rewards loyalty! When a car wash operator is “All In” they pay the lowest possible commissions for all the services available at WashCard – You don’t have to be a big operator to get lower costs.
  • Helps You find out what your customers want
    WashCard marketing programs are state of the art. Independent operators can have a customized, branded mobile app – UWashApp; something they could never afford working alone.
  • Improves your marketing
    By combining 30-years market intelligence, along with the experience serving independent car wash operators, WashCard develops the best and most cost effective programs!
  • Helps you deliver better customer service
    Again. The WashCard team specializes in building your businesses. The better you do, the better we do!
  • It saves you time – and money!
    WashCard proven programs have helped hundreds of car wash owners improve operations and make more money.

WashCard is the company that really cares about your business – because when you succeed, we succeed. That’s why we combine the buying power of independent operators from around the country and deliver programs with market impact.

We help the independent car wash operators help each other succeed. No other company serves the industry like WashCard Systems.